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Self Storage Construction

Globally Recognised
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The Janus International MAX-plan turnkey programme is a simple concept
– a globally recognised solution for self storage.

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Janus International operates internationally and provides solutions for self storage construction, mini storage and self storage building, as well as being a leading manufacturer of portable storage buildings, temporary storage buildings and steel storage buildings. We specialise in the production, supply and installation of self storage facility components. You set the objective, we build the solution.

MAX-plan is an integrated approach that:

MAXimises Space Utilisation

Every self storage project starts with a plan based on the project objectives. We’ll help you define these objectives and work with you to create a structured plan.

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MAXimises Customer Experience

The safety and security of your customers is paramount. Fire protection and alarms, escape route planning and other safety considerations are all available along with guidance on regulations.

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MAXimises Speed of Completion

Our team is made up of seasoned self storage professionals that excel in delivering projects on time and on budget. Communication and collaboration are key skills in keeping projects on-track and moving forward.

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MAXimises Quality & Value

Every self storage solution is built around our market leading products. Our size gives excellent buying power that combines with smart engineering design and lean manufacturing to produce high performance systems that use top grade materials yet are low priced.

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MAXimises Return on Investment

Smart planning, fast install and long term performance ensure that on every Janus self storage project the return on investment begins sooner and is maintained at an optimum level into the future.

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Magic Max

Re-Mix! Janus’ expertise in space optimisation works like magic!

Re-mix is what we call it and we’re unrivalled in our ability to re-mix self storage space into the optimum configuration for maximum revenue.

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How Can We Help?

MAX-plan - self storage turnkey solutions

Partitioning and Hallway Solutions

The building blocks of storage - the efficient division of space to maximise saleable area is what we’re all about when it comes to our self-sustaining partitioning and hallway systems.

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Door & Locker Solutions

Tough, secure, good looking and ultra-reliable - just some of the adjectives used to describe our door & locker solutions. We’ve Patented designs that lead the market.

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Mezzanine & Service Solutions

Creating additional flooring space with mezzanine levels and island decks, lifts, access controls, cctv, fire systems and other services complete the infrastructure of a Self Storage Facility.

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Portable Storage Building Solutions & Economical Buildings

Adding extra storage space is easy with our super-flexible external modular units that are portable and expandable or our Economical buildings that are a low cost alternative to traditional build methods. Ideal for the storage industry and any other business that could use some extra space.

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Latest News

Janus International Corporation acquires Gliderol Self Storage Solutions

Janus International Corporation acquires Gliderol Self Storage Solutions

Janus International Corporation has announced its full acquisition of Gliderol Self Storage Solutions of Peterlee, United Kingdom.


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Featured Product

Featured product

Portable Storage Buildings

Much more flexible than traditionally built structures - perfect if you need to add extra storage space.

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